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Why The Walk?

The Walk for Autism-Virginia was started out of frustration and determination.  My husband and I were struggling to afford therapies for our two sons.  We checked into all of the area agencies to see if there was funding available to help us and found there was nothing.  So I knew there must be more parents like us out there.  I did some research and found a wonderful woman who had started a walk in another state.  With her help and the help of some other determined parents of children with autism, we had our first Walk for Autism-Virginia, in a small community in Prince William County in October 2005.  The money raised goes to help area families pay for therapy for children with autism.  I am very proud of our walk and how it has grown over the years and am so happy that it is making a difference in the lives of children with autism.

Paula Emerson
Founder of Walk for Autism-Virginia

Current Committee
Barbara Wagner, Walk Coordinator

Kolette DeLaCruz, Registration and FCPS Liaison

Kathleen Mahon, Food and Fun

Rafael Hernandez, Publications

Dorothy Atkins, PR and Volunteers

Kathy Drago

Christine Hoch

Karrin and Michael Lukacs

Dana Miller

Jacque Dietrichson

Bethany Korgan

Abby Rush

Paula Emerson, Founder

Sarah Peterson, ASNV Executive Director

Please be aware that in addition to the above listed Committee Members there are many volunteers that we depend on who generously donate time and talent to make this walk possible.